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David M. Tichanski, P.C.

Mr. Tichanski is an experienced criminal defense and personal injury attorney who practices at both the trial and appellate levels. His  appellate practice includes all state and federal courts throughout southeastern Virginia. As a general practice attorney, Dave helps many families with all of their most frequent legal needs. 

Among the types of criminal cases he often handles are  major or minor traffic matters, driving under the influence (DUI), shoplifting, petty theft, grand theft, burglary, drug cases, domestic violence, assault and battery, robbery, arson, solicitation, sexual assault, mole clearing record homicide, expungement, probation violations and juvenile offenses.

Mr. Tichanski also handles DUI and other types of cases for people who are residents of other states who had the misfortune to be charged or arrested while visiting Virginia. If an attorney is retained, many of these cases can be resolved without the client having to return to Virginia for court appearances or even to serve a sentence.


Please contact us to schedule an appointment. If this is an emergency, please contact us by email at or Voice 757-524-1575


Free  Initial  Consultation

(for  personal  injury  cases) 


133 Kings Way,  Hampton 

(One Block East from Hampton Circuit Court) 




Personal Injury:  Percentage of the recovery if and when funds are recovered from the responsible party/their insurance. Percentage varies depending on the circumstances.


Criminal and Traffic Cases Court Level: Most criminal cases can be settled before trial. In these cases, generally a flat fee will apply, which varies depending on the type and complexity of the case. The flat fee covers most legal services up to the time of appearance in court. Court representation fees are to be paid in full before court appearance. Additional fees may apply in cases of noncompliance or excessive continuances.


Criminal and Traffic Cases Trial Level: If a case goes to trial, additional attorney's fees are charged above the Court Level flat fees depending on the number of appearances on the trial calendar and on the length of the trial. Fees are competitive with other experienced, reputable attorneys in the area.

Personal/Family Matters: Most personal or family legal matters are handled with a simple flat fee and do not require court appearances, or minimal court appearances, all of which are included in the fee. Cases that require multiple appearances, or require representation over an extended period of time may incur additional fees.

Fees do not include expenditures related to evidence gathering, investigation, records research or expenses incurred due to case specific necessities.

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