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Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Attorney Client Relationships are Key to Finding the Right Attorney...

When looking for an attorney to become your "go to" professional for legal advice it is a good idea to ask friends or family members for recommendations. Remember that some attorneys rarely ever go to trial, or do not have expertise in many areas. A good piece of advice is to have an attorney that will represent you in court or at trial and recommend other counsel when necessary. If you have an attorney who isn't comfortable with the words "let's go to trial", then you are missing the ultimate leverage a defense has when representing your case. District attorneys often know who is and who isn't a trial attorney, and defendants who are represented by an attorney that doesn't try cases may plead out clients no matter how bad the DA's offer.

It used to be common for attorneys to have general practices: a little criminal law mixed with a little personal injury mixed with a little business law, mixed with a little family law. These days, due to constantly changing laws, better attorneys may specialize in particular fields. Mr. Tichanski provides personal legal services to handle most criminal, personal injury and family law cases. He has relationships with many families that provides them peace of mind and will recommend a specialty attorney if a problem requires additional services.

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